To British artist Susie Harding-Edgar, Marine Debris has a value for both the art she creates and the message of awareness the art communicates.

Susie's special edition print 'Eight Million Tons' refers to the amount of plastic dumped in our ocean every year and is available either as a Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print or as a Poster Print from her website. The original painting is done in gesso, pastel, crayons and water-based mediums on canvas. Having spotted the Mickey Mouse globe, that can be found on the Sea Shepherd UK website amongst the photos of debris and plastic collected on the beaches, Susie decided this would make a great subject for the print.

In her words: "We are made up of the same salts, minerals and water as the sea itself so the sea is literally in our blood. We can’t live without it and it is impossible to think we are separate from it, so I am delighted and grateful to be able to support the wonderful work that Sea Shepherd does, so often right on the frontline of action, thank you so much."

For every Eight Million Tons piece sold, Susie donates 25% of the profit to our work, proving the significant role art can play in inspiring beahvioural change - in this instance protecting the environment, both onland and out at sea.

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