Britain’s greenest energy company, Ecotricity, was founded in 1985 by Dale Vince. It was the first green energy in the world.

More recently Ecotricity has been awarded its vegan certification by the Vegan Society and Viva! – making it the first and only vegan energy company in the world. Simply put, vegan energy is energy produced without involving animals.

Dale’s mission is to change the way energy is made and used in the UK and to end the use of fossil fuels. He is also the honorary Patron of Sea Shepherd UK and is always keen to support our work.

Proud partners of Sea Shepherd UK since 2008, Ecotricity donates up to £60 for every customer who switches their energy (electricity and gas) supply to them, using this link: Switch to Ecotricity - Ecotricity.

By joining Ecotricity, through our partnership, you will be helping us continue to protect ocean habitats and Ecotricity’s mission to create a greener Britain.

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