An independent coffee roaster, Bad Hand Coffee are based in a converted warehouse in central Bournemouth, sharing their space with other independent businesses and powered by renewable energy through Ecotricity. When it comes to their coffee and business practice, they’re all about ethics and the environment.

Coffee is sourced from green importers who trade directly with farms, paying them fairly. Redistributing their beans to cafe partners and trade customers in buckets; they reuse these again and again which helps them save hundreds of bags from going to landfill every month. In 2021 they saved 31,648 single-use plastic bags from landfill.

Their retail packaging is completely home compostable (true story!) and either delivered by their Cargo bike or bad ass electric van. Online orders are sent plastic-free through the post and thanks to the help from Ecologi, Bad Hand Coffee plants a tree for every customer's tenth order with them. Furthermore, for any event they can’t use ceramic cups to serve, they use compostable cups fromDecent Packaging.

"As a company and individuals we've followed Sea Shepherd for a while and at the end of the day, everybody has choices to make. We can either look on and do nothing or take some action and stand by what we believe in. The ocean and all the life it houses won't save itself and sure as shit won't get any better without people taking direct action and making things better.

Hopefully, our support can help to facilitate Sea Shepherd's great work and direct action approach to ocean conservation all while we literally fly a Sea Shepherd flag at our warehouse." - Luke Lamb, Bad Hand Coffee

Only hand roasting the good stuff and all the good things they’re doing, make Bad Hand Coffee all-round very decent human beings.

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