Sam Carter (Architects) - Ambassador

Sam Carter (Architects)Sam Carter - Architects front man joined Sea Shepherd UK as our first ever Ambassador - a role which Sam takes on with huge enthusiasm during Architects tours around the UK and beyond where Sea Shepherd is invited to every venue and where Sam gives us amazing support. Every Architects fan is left in no doubt that Sam supports Sea Shepherd as a result!

Architects, formed in 2004, are a hugely popular British metalcore band from Brighton in England. Sam and the Architects perform at major venues and concerts across Europe and the world and Sam is renowned for his passionate interaction and speeches to his fans. Architects music has been referred to in ‘Rock Sound’ magazine as being "pumped with both controlled rage and unhindered heart, accessible and ambitious, aggressive and beautiful". Architects music is certainly a favourite with our Sea Shepherd staff and volunteers!

Message from Sam:

“I first became aware of Sea Shepherd after watching the incredible documentary "Sharkwater" In which Captain Paul Watson features in a campaign to catch illegal Shark Finning poachers! I loved his hands-on approach and did research into Sea Shepherd as soon as I found out that Paul was the founder of the organisation.

Sea Shepherd does not just stand at the side-line… it gets involved with direct action to be there to assist our oceanic friends, the sharks, whales, dolphins, seals, turtles and all threatened sea life. It is Sea Shepherd’s interventionist approach which made me fall in love with the organisation. 

We, as humans, have no right to go into these beautiful creatures’ homes and mindlessly murder or capture them. It really is this simple - if the oceans die then we die! 


Ken Bonsall (Ferocious Dog) – Ambassador

Ken Bonsall (Ferocious Dog)Introducing Ken Bonsall, the frontman (vocalist and acoustic guitar player) of English folk punk band 'Ferocious Dog' as Sea Shepherd UK's newest Ambassador to the world of Music!

Ken is a former coal miner turned campaigner for veterans, the homeless and passionate speaker on the environment and is against hunting of animals.

Ken and all the band members of Ferocious Dog have allowed Sea Shepherd UK to attend with an outreach stand every one of their UK gigs for several years now and is much loved by our UK volunteers -  not only for his music, but for Ken's passion for so many worthy causes close to our hearts as activists, and his amazing friendship and kindness to everyone he meets.


Sally Minty-Gravett MBE – Ambassador (Jersey)

Sally Minty Gravett MBESea Shepherd UK's Guinness World Record holding Ambassador based on the beautiful island of Jersey.

Sally is one of Jersey’s best known swimming coaches, seven-time cross-Channel swimmer and multiple record holder - the sea really is in her heart and soul!

Sally became an Ambassador for Sea Shepherd UK and in particular our Jersey chapter to celebrate World Oceans Day 2019.

Message from Sally:

I was taught to swim in the sea in Jersey from the age of 3 -

way back in 1960. There were no indoor pools over here until 1969 so all people swimming up until then all swam in the sea...and as far as I know, still swim in our beautiful clean Jersey ocean on a regular basis.

The children and people who have been taught to swim in ‘chlorine boxes’ since indoor pools were introduced over here, do not (in general) enjoy swimming in the ocean - for many reasons including:

1) 'Too cold'

2) 'things'(wildlife) swim underneath us

3) 'its dirty'

For me, who has gained so much love and achievement from our Oceans - I am very committed to restoring and maintaining a clean ocean for us and our future generations.

When I’m in the sea, I feel at one with the world. It’s my spiritual home, and I’m so much happier in the sea than out of it. It’s a wonderful feeling - just being close to the water is enough to give you a sense of real calm and balance in life. You feel connected to the wider world and the things that are really important in life. Even in the winter it’s exhilarating, and the tingle you get after you come out is wonderful. It just does you good”.

Just some of Sally's amazing ocean swimming achievements and awards include:

1974 - Swam Lake Windermere 11½  miles

1975 - Swam the English Channel (11 hrs 57 min)

1977 - Represented Great Britain in Belgium (5 miles)

1977 - Represented Great Britain in Holland (16 miles)

1978 - Swam from Jersey to France 14 miles – current record holder

1985 - Swam the English Channel for the second time (15 hrs 3 min) – England to France.

1992 - Swam the English Channel for the third time (12 hrs 8 mins) – France to England. Swam around Jersey (41 miles) 10hrs 47min Elected Jersey Sports Personality for 1992 for being the only woman to have swum The Channel three times in three different decades.

2005 - Swam the English Channel for the fourth time (13hrs 25min) becoming the only woman in the world to have swum the Channel in four sequential decades.

2006 - Swam the Catalina channel, 21 miles - in California in 9hrs 51 mins becoming only the 2nd British lady to do so (and the 4th Briton). Inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in the USA for 34 Channel swims in 4 decades.

2013 - Completed 5th Channel swim in 5 decades in 17hrs 47mins

2014 - Completed 44miles, 4 lakes in 4 days – SCAR Challenge in Arizona and became the 1st Briton to complete this Challenge. Became the 1st lady to complete the Sark to Jersey solo swim in 8hrs 42mins

2016 - First lady in the 50-59yr age group for the Nevis to St Kitts cross channel swim 5km. Awarded the MBE for Services to Swimming. Became the oldest lady to swim around Jersey twice in one weekend! and became the 1st lady to complete a hattrick of Round Island swims. Completed a 2 way English Channel swim and the 3rd longest marathon swim on record.

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