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Wish Lists and In-Kind Items

Deck Wish List

Deck Wish List


Batteries; 18volt Makita BL1830
Belt sander
Jigsaw blades; wood & metal (t-shank)
Carpentry fittings; hooks, hinges, latches
Clamps; C type; 6"-12"
Clamps; F type; 6"-12"
Compound sliding mitre saw
Corded hammer drill; Makita
Cordless drill; Makita (18volt)
Cutting Discs; 5", 9"
Drill driver bit set; PH1
Drill driver bit set; PH2
Drill masonry bits
Drill press
Grinders; 5" Makita
Grinding discs; 5", 9"
Hole saw kit: steel; steel
Marine adhesive/sealant; Sikaflex
Metal cutting saw blades
Needle scaler; Ingersoll Rand
Nuts/bolts/washers; assorted stainless
Orbital sander
Overalls; 28/32 and 30/32
Overalls; smalls and mediums
Paint brushes; synthetic: 0.5-3" wide
Paint rollers; 100mm / 160 mm wide
Paint trays
Ratchet straps
Retractable air hose reel 3/8 inch
Sand paper / emery paper
Tape; clear, gaffer, electrical
Tool storage draws (heavy duty)
Welding blankets (non-leather)
Welding wire brushes and hammers
Welding helmets (automatic)
Welding rods; (2.5-3.2mm); mild steel (general purpose)
Welding rods; (2.5-3.2mm); stainless steel

You can purchase a number of items and have them sent directly to the ship via our Amazon Deck Wishlist.

We also have a general Amazon UK Wishlist for electrical items.

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Deck Wish List

Deck Wish List

Sea Shepherd Wish Lists

We would like to thank those supporters who have generously contributed supplies and equipment to help our cause.

If you have any of these items or are able to purchase any of these items on Sea Shepherd's behalf, your special support will be greatly appreciated.

Donations Needed

How to Give an In-Kind Gift:

  1. You can purchase the item yourself. You will find the appropriate shipping address on the specific Wish List page (see choices below. [Please keep in mind that when shipping from a country outside Australia, additional customs costs may be charged to your shipment.]
  2. You can call our office and provide us with a donation by credit card.  Your donations will help us in buying our necessary supplies.

Contact us at: [email protected] or call: +61-3-94450323

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