Our partners play a vital role in the work that we do to defend, conserve and protect marine habitats, ecosystems and species in UK waters and across the oceans worldwide. We invite you to learn about the positive ways each organisation we've teamed with is contributing to ensuring the ocean, and its inhabitants, thrive.


Britain’s greenest energy company, Ecotricity, was founded in 1985 by Dale Vince. It was the first green energy in the world.

More recently Ecotricity has been awarded its vegan certification by the Vegan Society and Viva! – making it the first and only vegan energy company in the world. Simply put, vegan energy is energy produced without involving animals.

Dale’s mission is to change the way energy is made and used in the UK and to end the use of fossil fuels. He is also the honorary Patron of Sea Shepherd UK and is always keen to support our work.

Proud partners of Sea Shepherd UK since 2008, Ecotricity donates up to £60 for every customer who switches their energy (electricity and gas) supply to them, using this link: Switch to Ecotricity.

By joining Ecotricity, through our partnership, you will be helping us continue to protect ocean habitats and Ecotricity’s mission to create a greener Britain.

Forest Green Rovers

Forest Green Rovers is recognised as the “world’s greenest football club” by FIFA and likes to do things differently, with protecting the planet being at its core – as well as playing great football, of course!

Since 2014 Forest Green’s kits have proudly displayed Sea Shepherd’s iconic Jolly Roger logo – and our Sea Shepherd flags have flown at The New Lawn Stadium at every game.

This is part of Forest Green Rovers’ mission to show the world of sport that there is ‘another way’. It’s also a great way of continuing our decade-long relationship with Dale Vince, Chairman of Forest Green Rovers and honorary Patron of Sea Shepherd UK.

In 2019 Forest Green Rovers launched their Sea-Shepherd inspired Third Kit, using 50% bamboo material and a design inspired by the dazzle camouflage paint job on Sea Shepherd’s vessel, the Steve Irwin and previously the Bob Barker. Forest Green Rovers generously donates the proceeds from the sales of their third shirt worldwide to help us continue our work. It’s always great to see fans dressed to impress in our colours!

GoKo Travels

GoKo Travels is a specialist travel company dedicated to providing travellers with access to sustainable travel options, including 5* luxury retreats, high-end getaways, eco-lodges, immersive adventure holidays and hands-on conservation projects, tailored around the clients’ personal needs and sold with the aim of preserving biodiversity, conserving wildlife, and empowering native communities.

By travelling with GoKo Travels, not only is every trip carbon balanced as standard but through their charity The GoKo Earth Preservation, they also donate 3% of every sale and have kindly chosen to share some of these funds with Sea Shepherd UK to help us continue to protect the ocean, preserve threatened habitats and safeguard endangered species across the globe.

We particularly love their Gili Lankanfushi destination, home to a Marine Biology Shack and Environment Research Station which is a crucial focal point for environmental sustainability and marine life protection.


WUUFLY knows how important the ocean is for not just the health and wellbeing of the planet but us, too.

As an eco-vegan yoga brand WUUFLY wants to do everything it can to look after the planet and have teamed up with us to help fulfil their dream of helping the ocean to thrive.

Arrowtown Drinks

Arrowtown Drinks is the hard seltzer with an environmental twist. Their simple mixes of British sparkling water with fruit-based alcohol and natural flavourings are low in sugar but big on flavour.

Each flavour supports an environmental charity, with money from every can sold of their Lime & Elderflower flavour being donated to Sea Shepherd UK.

All Arrowtown drinks come in recyclable aluminium cans, because cans are significantly lighter than glass, which reduces their transport footprint. Cans are also the most recycled and recyclable packaging on the planet; a can could be back in your hand in just 60 days.

So, doing your bit for marine conservation is as easy as changing your drink. Cheers to that!


Spritzy is a London-based skincare brand specialising in natural luxury products.

Their core ethos is to be part of the necessary shift towards more sustainable, environmentally friendly products.

As proud partners of Sea Shepherd, they love what we do and are committed to helping protect marine wildlife by donating 10% of their profit on the sale of every bottle of Blue Tansy Hand Cleanser.

For many years the Spritzy team has followed Sea Shepherd and admires the huge determination and courage of Captain Paul Watson and his ever-growing team, in the conservation of the ocean and it’s diverse wildlife.

Spritzy’s eco-conscious formulations contain hand selected botanicals and are packaged in re-fillable glass bottles.

We’re all in agreement that clean skincare isn’t just about what we put on our skin but also how it impacts our natural environment.

Thanks to the Spritzy team for helping spread awareness of our work and for contributing to our relentless efforts to protect the ocean. We make a winning team!


Thalassophile is a marine conservation focused clothing brand, taking pride in being earth positive and sustainable.

Thalassophile garments are earth positive, meaning they are organically and ethically made from organic cotton with eco-friendly ink, manufactured solely using sustainable green energy, supporting their goal, which ties into our goal, of protecting the environment.

Ethically traded and shipped in recyclable packaging, with no plastic involved, Thalassophile help make an additional difference in marine conservation by donating 20% of their profits to Sea Shepherd UK campaigns.

Guaranteed to be providing original designs and with the name Thalassophile, what’s not to love.

For anyone who’s wondering, ‘thalassophile’ means someone who loves the ocean and sea – hence a perfect partnership!

Tomorrow Creates

Tomorrow Creates is a collaborative platform, putting people and the planet before profit. They firmly believe in the power of art and fashion as a communication tool and its ability to inspire action in others. Their designs amplify the stories they tell and drive a cause to action.

They generously donate and share 50% of the profits from their collaborative collections to the organisations they support and the artists they work with. Their made to order products are organic, recycled and plastic and chemical-free. Making this activism you can wear.

Tomorrow Creates is much more than beautifully crafted apparel. It’s a movement that promotes those artists who use their talents to highlight the planet. We love this.


The Ethpods NFT  digital art collection was born out of their foreseen necessity of bringing marine preservation to the blockchain space.  

Ethpods are channelling the energy of this new technology into environmental concerns and introducing some much-needed aquatic representation to the ‘metaverse’.  

The inspiration for Ethpods tokens is the diverse species of cephalopods, including squid, octopus, cuttlefish, and nautilus.  These iridescent creatures, masters of camouflage, are showcased in an art collection and game that emphasises the search for lost knowledge that will help bring equilibrium back to the natural world.

The tokens are created by a dedicated and passionate team of ocean enthusiasts with a background in art, design and blockchain finance, who are spanning the world from the Americas to South-East Asia

As proud partners of Sea Shepherd UK, Ethpods donate a percentage of their primary and secondary sales to help us protect the oceans and marine wildlife around the world.

We’re delighted to be joining forces with Ethopods in the metaverse. making our work both online and on the front line even more compelling.

Jane Glue

In the town of Kirkwall, on the majestic archipelago Orkney, you will find a charming gallery, home to local artist Jane Glue whose vibrant artwork captures the Orkney landscape like no-one else.
Orkney’s impressive profile lures travellers over from the north easternmost tip of the Scottish mainland and into the North Sea.

Identity FS

The Identity FS team provides friendly, knowledgeable and responsive mortgage advice to help people navigate the financial market, across the UK.

Offering a fee-free service and redirecting a portion of money from every successful mortgage to Sea Shepherd UK, Identity FS do things differently to help engage the minds of a wide variety of people about the impact we all have on our local environment.

Purchasing a mortgage through Identify FS is a simple way for homeowners to make a positive contribution to conservation in the UK. Proof that if everyone does a little bit, the accumulative effect has very positive consequences.

We love this quote: “It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home, not just for us, but for all life on Earth” David Attenborough.

Susie Harding-Edgar

To British artist Susie Harding-Edgar, Marine Debris has a value for both the art she creates and the message of awareness the art communicates.

Susie's special edition print 'Eight Million Tons' refers to the amount of plastic dumped in our ocean every year and is available either as a Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print or as a Poster Print from her website. The original painting is done in gesso, pastel, crayons and water-based mediums on canvas. Having spotted the Mickey Mouse globe, that can be found on the Sea Shepherd UK website amongst the photos of debris and plastic collected on the beaches, Susie decided this would make a great subject for the print.

In her words: "We are made up of the same salts, minerals and water as the sea itself so the sea is literally in our blood. We can’t live without it and it is impossible to think we are separate from it, so I am delighted and grateful to be able to support the wonderful work that Sea Shepherd does, so often right on the frontline of action, thank you so much."

For every Eight Million Tons piece sold, Susie donates 25% of the profit to our work, proving the significant role art can play in inspiring beahvioural change - in this instance protecting the environment, both onland and out at sea.

Mocean Fitness

Mocean Fitness was founded by Alex Platt in 2020 with a clear purpose; to empower the environmentalist inside of everyone. Alex is a plant-based athlete, animal lover, environmentalist and passionate about all things health and fitness.

Mocean Fitness is turning the tide on the activewear industry.


MACK has turned the tide on harmful household cleaning products. With a revolutionary co-developed BioTech cleaning range for the home, their products are not, and have never been tested on animals.

They believe (as we do too) that this partnership is well placed to educate people on using products that do no harm and offer a holistic minimum impact and zero legacy when going about your daily chores.

Proud partners of Sea Shepherd UK, MACK donate 1% of their net sales to help clean and protect the ocean, marine environments and wildlife.

We’re a fan of the ‘Ocean Potion’ BioPod, not just for its namesake but it does a magical job and asks the user to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE, REFILL.

Bad Hand Coffee

An independent coffee roaster, Bad Hand Coffee are based in a converted warehouse in central Bournemouth, sharing their space with other independent businesses and powered by renewable energy, through Ecotricity. When it comes to their coffee and business practice, they’re all about ethics and the environment.

Amy Russell Taylor

Amy Russell Taylor is a fine jeweller who crafts bespoke and timeless pieces that use recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones as well as giving their customers an opportunity to offset their shipping carbon emissions.

ART places great emphasis on leaving a positive impact on the people and world around us.


Toti is a new 100% natural white and dark rum, that is perfect for sipping and mixing. Celebrating rum’s unique connection to the sea, TOTI is the Creole word for “turtle”.

“Our mission is to make amazing rum, sell lots and lots of it, and donate a portion of our sales to provide ongoing revenue that supports the amazing work of Sea Shepherd”. Mark Hill, The Sustainable Spirit Co.

Seafairer or not, why not browse Toti’s collection for your new favourite daily tot and treat yourself to some great rum doing good!

Thank you to all of our partners who are generously donating funds to help us further our work and spread awareness about all we do.

If your company or organisation would like to partner with us please get in touch at development@seashepherduk.org