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The Cove Runs Red with Blood for the Second Time this Season


dolphins being
dolphins being "pushed" into the cove

Taiji fishermen slaughtered the entire pod of an estimated twenty Risso's dolphins sparing the life of one to be sold to the Aquarium industry.

Yesterday Sea Shepherd offered to buy the lives of the captive dolphins. The fishermen refused saying that they would not sell us the dolphins to be released. They sneered at the offer saying it was nonsense to buy dolphins to release them hinting it was like welfare and they would not take hand-outs.

Instead they speared and stabbed the dolphins in the cove until the water ran scarlet with blood.

The Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians are on site filming the slaughter, restricted by numerous Japanese Coast Guard and police.

dolphins being dolphins being

Taiji on October 11th

{flv width="400" height="260" img="images/videos/2010-10-11-Rissos-dolphins-awaiting-death.jpg"}2010-10-11-Rissos-dolphins-awaiting-death{/flv}

Dolphins forced to the slaughter

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