Sea Shepherd UK introduces ‘SPITFIRE’ - Our new weapon in the fight to defend Scotland’s iconic seals.

Sea Shepherd UK Introduces SpitfireSea Shepherd UK launching ‘Spitfire’ at Gardenstown Harbour (30th April 2014)During the evening of the 29th April while Sea Shepherd representatives were engaged in discussions with local councillors about our Scottish Seal Defence Campaign, a new vessel was arriving at Gardenstown Harbour to join our existing 4.7metre 70hp RIB. This morning, the 30th April 2014, Sea Shepherd UK launched ‘SPITFIRE’, our new 8.5 metre, ocean capable RIB with a deep Vee hull. Two huge 200hp engines power Spitfire through the water at up to 50kts (92kmph) and her 600 litre fuel tank gives Spitfire the range to travel anywhere around Scotland or further afield if required.

Spitfire, made by XS Ribs in the UK, is the fastest vessel Sea Shepherd now operates anywhere in the world. Spitfire has successfully completed her sea trials with Sea Shepherd UK’s crew in Gamrie Bay this morning and joins our Scottish Seal Defence Campaign with immediate effect.

Spitfire and our inshore Joker RIB give Sea Shepherd UK Seal Defence campaign crew the ability to conduct coastal or offshore patrols and to intervene on the water to defend Scotland’s iconic seals at any location around Scotland within 48 hours.

Sea Shepherd UK introduces SpitfireSea Shepherd UK’s Spitfire, powered by twin 200hp engines pictured at speed during Sea Trials in Gamrie Bay

Sea Shepherd UK introduces SpitfireSpitfire leaving Gardenstown Harbour and flying the Sea Shepherd flag as she joins our Scottish Seal Defence Campaign 

 Sea Shepherd UK introduces spitfireSpitfire returns to harbour after her successful sea trials in Gamrie Bay