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Sea Shepherd Returns to Japan

Sea Shepherd returns to JapanCove Guardian leader and Sea Shepherd Director of Investigations Scott West has returned to Japan to investigate the post tsunami/earthquake situation in Taiji and in the Northern Prefectures.

Scott and the Cove Guardians spent six months monitoring and harassing the dolphin killers at Taiji from September 1st 2010 until March 11th, 2011. Their efforts paid off and the dolphin kills were brought down significantly from past years, by as much as half.

Scott and five other Cove Guardians were in the northern town of Osuchi when the tsunami struck on March 11th. They were witness to the disaster that destroyed the town and were lost for some 40 hours following the tsunami. Finally, they managed to hike over and around the debris to a point where they could re-establish communications.

It remains to be seen how recent events in Japan will affect the Japanese practices of killing and enslaving dolphins and slaughtering whales.

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