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Sea Shepherd Galapagos Documentary Premieres in Melbourne and LA

Sea Shepherd Galapagos Director Alex CornelissenSea Shepherd Galapagos Director Alex Cornelissen
Photo: Eliza Muirhead
Sea Shepherd
On September 21st, Melbourne, Australia hosted the world premiere of the new Sea Shepherd Galapagos film. In a sold out cinema, Sea Shepherd proudly presented another view of our diverse work worldwide. The Sea Shepherd Galapagos office has been in operation since 2006 and is working in close cooperation with the Ecuadorian authorities. The various projects cover enforcement, education, patrol, legislation, and litigation.

The production was filmed, produced, and directed by Tim Watters. Editing, post production, and art direction were done by Tom Holt. MODOM Surf and Greg Linwood sponsored the production.

Sea Shepherd Australia Director Jeff Hansen and the film’s director Tim Watters opened the event. Director of Sea Shepherd Galapagos, Captain Alex Cornelissen, travelled to Melbourne to speak to the audience about Sea Shepherd’s tremendous success in Galapagos.

On his way back to Galapagos, Captain Cornelissen attended a second intimate and very well received viewing in L.A., hosted by long time Sea Shepherd supporter James Costa. Celebrity supporters Isabel Lucas, Perrey Reeves, Eric Balfour, and Zach Callison were present for this first US viewing.

The Galapagos film will soon be made available for our worldwide chapters. The work of the Galapagos team is seen as an example of how effective Sea Shepherd is at collaborating with local law enforcement. Presently we have started to implement elements of the Galapagos projects in geographically similar areas in the Pacific.

Our gratitude goes out to:


  • Cassandra Meeham and Kristian Connelly from Nova Cinema, Carlton for letting us use the theater free of cost.
  • Australian staff and Melbourne volunteers


  • Event sponsored by James Costa, Tobin James Cellars, Erewhon Natural Foods, Madeleine’s Bistro, JAM Vegan Bakery, and EVO Kitchen
  • US staff and LA volunteers

The film's director Tim Watters with Sea Shepherd Australia Director Jeff HansenThe film's director Tim Watters with Sea Shepherd Australia Director Jeff Hansen
Photo: Eliza Muirhead/Sea Shepherd

The crew of the Steve Irwin attended the premiereThe crew of the Steve Irwin attended the premiere
Photo: Eliza Muirhead/Sea Shepherd

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