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Conservation group will supply vessel, crew and more to Island park rangers  

MV John Paul DeJoriaPuentarenas, Costa Rica - The Rangers on Cocos Island need a fast patrol vessel and Sea Shepherd can supply that need.

Sea Shepherd arrives in Costa Rica today with an offer to assist the Central American country in controlling illegal fishing in the waters surrounding its Cocos Island National Park.

The non-profit, anti-poaching conservation society has offered to deploy the M/V John Paul DeJoria, a 110-foot Island class former United States Coast Guard patrol boat, to Cocos Island for use by its park rangers. This offer, part of Sea Shepherd’s Operation Treasured Islands campaign, also comes with the supply of Sea Shepherd crew, fuel and provisions, as well as giving Costa Rican rangers command of operations to patrol and protect the Cocos Island marine reserve. 

Cocos Island, some 300 miles off the coast of Costa Rica, is home to many large marine species such as hammerhead sharks, rays and dolphins. This makes it a popular destination for scuba divers, but at the same time, attracts illegal poachers, particularly those involved in the shark fin trade.

Sea Shepherd asks European Commission to hold Denmark accountable for pilot whale slaughter

Police officers employed by Denmark on board a Faroese boat actively engaged in herding pilot whales for the Grind slaughter.With the formal support of 27 Members of the European Parliament, Sea Shepherd Netherlands has officially submitted a request to the European Commission to launch infringement proceedings against Denmark for facilitating the slaughter of pilot whales and other cetaceans in the Faroe Islands.

Every year from June through November, hundreds of pilot whales are driven onto the beaches of the Faroe Islands using motor boats, then slaughtered in a practice known as the grindadráp, or Grind. Although there is an EU directive prohibiting member states from all forms of deliberate disturbance, capture, or killing of cetaceans, the self-governing Faroe Islands are a dependent territory of Denmark but not an EU member state and are, therefore, exempt from EU laws.

Photo: Glenn Lockitch/Sea Shepherd GlobalDespite our efforts to once again disrupt the slaughter of whales in the Southern Ocean, the Japanese whaling fleeting has reached their self-allocated quota of killing 333 minke whales.

Today Sea Shepherd mourns the loss of these whales. We have called an emergency meeting of the Global Board of Directors in Amsterdam this weekend to review our whale defense strategy in the Southern Ocean, and will release a more detailed statement on Monday morning.

Liberian Coast Guard approaching the Reefer M/V Lian Run. Photo: Alejandra Gimeno/Sea Shepherd Global.On March 21st, after receiving intelligence that a refrigerated cargo vessel was suspected of transmitting a fraudulent identity outside the Port of Monrovia, the Liberian Coast Guard assisted by Sea Shepherd crew and Israeli maritime advisors and conservationists boarded the 93-meter Sierra Leone-flagged motor vessel (M/V) Lian Run.

The Automatic Identification System (AIS), a navigational aid which a vessel uses to transmit its identifying information, such as name and radio call sign, was transmitting an IMO number that did not exist in any record. IMO numbers are unique identifiers that remain linked to a vessel throughout its lifetime to improve the safety of life at sea and reduce maritime fraud.

Liberian Coast Guard prepares to board the Star Shrimper XXV. Copyright Alejandre Gimeno/Sea Shepherd Global On March 13th the Nigerian-flagged fishing vessel (F/V) Star Shrimper XXV was boarded in waters belonging to the West African state of Liberia by the Liberian Coast Guard, assisted by Sea Shepherd crew and Israeli maritime advisors and conservationists.  The vessel was actively fishing without a Liberian fishing license, the most serious offense under the Liberian Fisheries Regulations, for which the penalty can be a fine up to one million United States dollars (USD 1,000,000).

Operation Sola StellaSea Shepherd Launches Operation Sola Stella with the Liberian Ministry of National Defense: New campaign to eradicate illegal fishing kicks off with the arrest of three poaching vessels

For the past three weeks, Sea Shepherd has been secretly patrolling the waters of the Republic of Liberia in West Africa in a covert operation to tackle illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Working in partnership with the Liberian Ministry of National Defense under the coordination of the Honorable Minister Brownie Samukai, the MY Bob Barkeris patrolling Liberia’s coastline with 20 crew under the command of Captain Fraser Hall, ten Liberian Coast Guard sailors with the authority to board, inspect and arrest ships violating Liberian law, and two Israeli maritime advisors and conservationists providing training assistance.

by Captain Alex Cornelissen, from Sea Shepherd Global Headquarters in Amsterdam

Heli Ops to Land on OW. Photo: Glenn Lockitch / Sea Shepherd GlobalHeli Ops to Land on OW. Photo: Glenn Lockitch / Sea Shepherd GlobalAfter 75 days at sea our ships are still in the waters around Antarctica chasing the Japanese whaling fleet.

This is the first year that Sea Shepherd has returned to protect the whales from the Japanese poachers since their new and revised “research” program was started in the 2015/2016 season, when they killed 333 minke whales, more than half of them pregnant females. The Japanese government seems unconcerned by the opinion of the rest of the world and despite tough words from the international community, nothing has been done to put a stop to this “research whaling” charade.

February 07, 2017

Geert Vons and Alex Cornelissen receive a check from Imme Rog, Managing Director Dutch Postcode Lottery. Photo: Roy Beusker

The annual Goed Geld Gala of the Dutch Postcode Lottery was held Monday in the Royal Theater Carré in Amsterdam. Drs. Geert Vons, General Director of Sea Shepherd Netherlands and Captain Alex Cornelissen, Sea Shepherd Global Executive Officer, both attended the Gala. Imme Rog, Managing Director of the National Postcode Lottery, presented them both with a check for 900,000 Euros.

This year marks the tenth year in which Sea Shepherd has been awarded support from the National Postcode Lottery. To date, we have received 15.6 million Euros, funds that greatly benefit Sea Shepherd’s global campaigns.

MV Spitfire on trailer at Scrabster Harbour having cleared customs 25th January 2017At 6am this morning (25th January 2017) Sea Shepherd’s fast boat MV Spitfire finally arrived back in the UK having been released by the Faroese Police following Sea Shepherd’s successful appeal to a Danish Judge in Torshavn, Faroe Islands on the 24th November 2016.

MV Spitfire sailed direct to the Danish Faroe islands from Dunnet Bay in the North of Scotland – clearing customs at Torshavn harbour on 16th August 2014 for 90 days of patrol duties on Operation Grindstop 2014 to save pilot whales and dolphins from being killed in the drive hunts (called ‘grindadráp’ in Faroese) in which approximately 800 to 850 small cetaceans each year.


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