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“Laufen gegen Leiden” - A Marathon Runner dedicates his Efforts to Animal Rights

Sea Shepherd Frankfurt members with Mark Hoffman after marathonSea Shepherd Frankfurt members
with Mark Hoffman after marathon.
Photo: Jörg Ossenbrüggen
Mark Hofmann, 35-year-old German environmental activist and supporter of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has founded the project "Laufen gegen Leiden – Marathon für Tierrechte”  or “Running Against Suffering - Marathon for Animal Rights”. Mark began the project in 2011 and has since devoted his marathon efforts to animal rights organizations by collecting donations and raising awareness.

Mark Hofmann refers to his first marathon as “a kind of self-discovery and, of course, an exploration of physical limits.” The activist’s second marathon in Hamburg, Germany in April 2012 raised funds for animal rights organization PETA.  The group was delighted to receive the donation and Mark Hofmann was happy about his running time of 4 hours, 08 minutes and 57 seconds.

His dedication continued in this year's Frankfurt marathon where Mark ran in support of Sea Shepherd. The vegan athlete made a strong statement of support for the oceans and all their inhabitants by crossing the finish line and improving his running time by 7 minutes - finishing with a time of 4 hours, 01 minute, and 15 seconds. Following the run, Mark was fatigued, yet joyful as members of Sea Shepherd Frankfurt welcomed the successful marathon runner with a vegan care package and a Sea Shepherd jolly roger shirt.

Mark collected donations for the Frankfurt marathon exclusively to support Sea Shepherd’s efforts to protect the oceans through non-violent, direct-action tactics. He exceeded his fundraising target of 1500 Euros with the unexpected sum of 1724 Euros (which is about $2,230 USD). The funds will go directly towards supporting Operation Zero Tolerance, with the goal of ending illegal Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. "It was a special concern for me to collect donations for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, because I'm impressed by people who stand up for their ideals in a special manner, that they are risking their own health and their lives to make our planet a better place. The antiquated and barbaric killings in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary must be put to an end and I am convinced that it won't last much longer. I wish Captain Paul Watson and his crew all the best and a lot of strength. Zero Tolerance for the butchers!" Mark Hofmann said about the marathon and his intention for raising funds for Sea Shepherd.

Mark is planning another unusual run for animal rights in May 2013. He wants to run the "Vegane Ultramarathonstaffel B12” (“Vegan Ultra marathon Relay B12”) on the 440 km-long road called “Bundesstraße 12” in Germany. With the help of 50 vegan ultra marathon runners, he plans to refute the prejudice that athletic performance is hindered by a vegan diet.

We would like to thank Mark for his support and congratulate him on his achievement. We look forward to further joint projects for the protection of the oceans.

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