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IMATA Must Black List Taiji Dolphin Killers

dead dolphins in Taiji coveThe International Marine Animal Trainers Association (IMATA) has posted to their wall that they oppose the drive fisheries. Yet, Keisuke Futura of the Suma Aquatic Park is attending the IMATA conference in Boston on December 5th. The Suma Aquatic Park received dolphins direct from Taiji Harbor on October 3rd of this year.

This statement by IMATA has no credibility unless they blacklist all aquarium staff and trainers from facilities that have bought or who intend to buy dolphins from the Taiji Death Drive.

If Keisuke Futara is allowed to attend the IMATA conference on December 5it it will be a clear sign that IMATA supports the slaughter of dolphins at Taiji. Words without action are meaningless.

captive dolphin in Taiji

Dolphin trainers who engage in the torture and slaughter of dolphins are the problem. If they would stop buying dolphins from Taiji and the slaughter will end.

Any member of IMATA that attends this conference along with these despicable trainers from facilities like the Suma Aquatic Park is complicit in the killing.

Activists in Boston need to protest this conference. Activists from around the world need to let IMATA know that a media release does not absolve their guilt. They remain guilty by association with sadistic trainers participating in the horror show at Taiji.

View the discussion on IMATA's Facebook page here


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