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Global Cycling Contestant Riding to Raise Funds for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Makes His Way Across The U.S.

Global Bicycle Race competitor and Sea Shepherd supporter, Jason Woodhouse. Photo: Jason WoodhouseGlobal Bicycle Race competitor and Sea Shepherd supporter, Jason Woodhouse.
Photo: Jason Woodhouse
On February 18th, 2012, Jason Woodhouse, along with nine other cyclists, embarked on what has been called "arguably the longest, toughest, adventure race in the world." The event known as the Global Bicycle Race will cover 18,000 miles and cross every line of longitude on the planet. The goal is not only to win but also to claim the ultimate prize of a new Guinness World Record for fastest circumnavigation by bicycle. Jason suffered some discouraging setbacks, which forced him to return home for repairs shortly after the race began. He is now back on the road with an intense determination to win.

Jason has taken this mission one step further by using the race as a platform to raise funds and awareness for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. A prolific outdoor adventurer, Jason is not only an avid cyclist, but also a dedicated scuba instructor, free diver, North Sea surfer, and mountaineer. His experiences underwater have instilled a deep respect and sense of stewardship for our world’s oceans.  In Jason’s own words: “As a keen surfer, SCUBA diver, and generally someone who spends a lot of time in the ocean, this is a cause close to my heart and the reason I’m racing in 2012. I've spent time with Sea Shepherd volunteers as well as it's founder Captain Paul Watson and I truly believe that there is no greater force on this Earth committed to protecting ocean wildlife. I hope that my daring 2012 record bid will give me the opportunity to share with my followers the many benefits of cycling, the natural beauty of world travel, and to raise awareness of the incredible work of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.”

Jason and his bike with fellow Sea Shepherd supporters. Photo: Jason WoodhouseJason and his bike with fellow Sea Shepherd supporters. Photo: Jason WoodhouseThe race begins and ends in Greenwich Park, London. The current record of 164 days is held by race organizer Vin Cox. Jason will pass through Northern Europe, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, before ending back in the UK to witness the start of the London Olympics in 2012.

The 24-year-old British racer left London on February 18, 2012, with a goal of riding 130 miles a day and travelling 18,000 miles across the globe. “My project is extremely eco-conscious, Jason says, I am riding a recycled bicycle and all of my international flights will be carbon offset. I intend to promote cycling to those that follow my adventure as an important form of sustainable transport that as residents of this planet we should all strive to use for journeys of less than five miles, in doing so protecting the delicate eco-system in which we have made our homes.”

Jason is riding to raise awareness and funds for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. To learn more about Jason, the race, or to support Jason’s journey and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, visit:

Jason could use help with food, accommodations, etc. during his ride.  Click here to see his current location and route.


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