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Dutch Solo Sailor Laura Dekker Meets Sea Shepherd Galapagos

Laura Dekker in GalapagosLaura Dekker found time to drop in on the Sea Shepherd Galapagos office in her world record attempt to become the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe.

She set off from the Netherlands last summer aged just 14, proudly flying the Sea Shepherd flag in a bid to create awareness for the perilous condition of our world’s oceans.

She is now at anchor in Academy Bay on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos after successfully crossing the Atlantic Ocean and entering the Pacific Ocean through the Panama Canal.

Captain Alex Cornelissen, Sea Shepherd Galapagos Director, welcomed Laura to the islands and thanked her for her support.

“The Sea Shepherd flag has been flying off her mast since the departure from the Netherlands last August. For Sea Shepherd it is a great way to become better known in the ports along Laura’s voyage” Alex said.

“I’m doing this because the oceans need our help and I want to promote the work of Sea Shepherd,” Laura explained.

Laura is enjoying the wonders of Galapagos while charging her batteries for the long crossing to the Marquesas and Australia. The Sea Shepherd Galapagos team will help her in any way possible during her stay in the enchanted islands.

Posing with the campaign flag No Compromise onboard of her ship Guppy, Alex said “we are proud to have such a good ambassador in Laura.”

Sea Shepherd would like to thank Galapagos Ocean Services (GOS), Sea Shepherd’s agent in the Galapagos for many years. Not only do they always waive all fees for our ships, they also helped Laura free of charge.

Sea Shepherd Galapagos wishes Laura smooth sailing on her further route and applauds her for her bold endeavor.

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