Dale Vince OBE joins Sea Shepherd UK as our Honorary Patron

Dale VinceSea Shepherd UK is very proud to announce Dale Vince OBE has agreed to join Sea Shepherd UK as the Honorary Patron of our UK based marine conservation charity.

Dale is an environmentalist who founded Ecotricity - the World’s first green energy company, in England in 1995. The company’s founding mission was and remains to change the way Energy is made and used in Great Britain and this mission has since expanded to include the three biggest sources of pollution and unsustainability (Energy, Transport and Food). As well as building wind and sun parks, developing wave power technology and green gas mills. Ecotricity has built an electric super car ‘The Nemesis’ and ‘The Electric Highway’ the world’s first national network of electricity pumps which is helping kick-start the electric vehicle revolution in the UK.

Dale has been a supporter of Sea Shepherd since first meeting Captain Paul Watson several years ago – a meeting which Captain Paul Watson wrote a commentary about called: ‘Encounters with a man of power’.

“Sea Shepherd is the most inspirational NGO on the planet,” says Dale. “What they do is truly awesome. They put themselves on the front line, in the cross hairs between the hunters and their would-be victims. Their own brand of non-violent, but very direct action is effective not just in protecting sea life, but in getting these issues to the forefront of public consciousness – right where they need to be.”

Dale was made an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for services to the environment in 2004. Dale also founded the ‘Green Britain Foundation’ which helps people be more sustainable, and protect our environment.

*Ecotricity and Sea Shepherd UK have been supporting each other in recent years at events across right across England, Scotland and Wales. Ecotricity offers UK residents the opportunity to switch to ‘Frack Free’ green gas and 100% green electricity for which Ecotricity will donate up to £70 to Sea Shepherd using this offer: http://www.ecotricity.co.uk/for-your-home?partner=SEA1

Sam Carter (Architects) joins Sea Shepherd UK as our first Ambassador

Sam CarterWe are thrilled to announce that Sam Carter - Architects front man has joined Sea Shepherd UK in the role of Ambassador - a role which Sam has already taken on with huge enthusiasm during the Architects most recent tour around the UK where Sea Shepherd UK was invited to every venue and where Sam gave us amazing support and every Architects fan left in no doubt that Sam supported Sea Shepherd.

Architects, formed in 2004, are a hugely popular British metalcore band from Brighton in England. Sam and the Architects perform at major venues and concerts across Europe and the world and Sam is renowned for his interaction with his fans. Architects music has been referred to in ‘Rock Sound’ magazine as being "pumped with both controlled rage and unhindered heart, accessible and ambitious, aggressive and beautiful". Architects music is certainly a favourite with our Sea Shepherd staff and volunteers!

Message from Sam:

“I first became aware of Sea Shepherd after watching the incredible documentary "Sharkwater" In which Captain Paul Watson features in a campaign to catch illegal Shark Finning poachers! I loved his hands on approach and did research into Sea Shepherd as soon as I found out that Paul was the founder of the organisation.

Sea Shepherd does not just stand at the sidelines - it gets involved with direct action to be there to assist our oceanic friends, the sharks, whales, dolphins, seals, turtles and all threatened sea life. It is Sea Shepherd’s interventionist approach which made me fall in love with the organisation. 

We, as humans, have no right to go into these beautiful creatures’ homes and mindlessly murder or capture them. It really is this simple - if the oceans die then we die!