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Captain Paul Watson’s Arrest Appears to Be Bad News for the Shark Finners of Costa Rica

Large bag full of confiscated shark fins. Photo: Kim McCoyThe month of June 2012 has been an unusually busy month in Costa Rica for intercepting shark fins. The Costa Rican fishing vessel Yamauke was boarded yesterday by the country’s Coast Guard. They found 120 shark fins that had been crudely hacked off.

The vessel and catch were confiscated.

According to the Costa Rican Star there is more vigilance due to the publicity generated by the arrest of Captain Paul Watson.

“On June 20th, the National Assembly issued a report in which the Environmental Legislative Commission acknowledged that it had once again reviewed File Number 16890, a Special Investigation into the Shark Fin Trade in Costa Rica. This file has been floating around since July 2008, but the recent arrest of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder Paul Watson and his pending extradition has brought about a new focus of this issue.”- Costa Rica Star, June 26th, 2012

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