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At The Edge of the World Premieres at the Toronto Film Festival

At The Edge of the World Premieres at the Toronto Film Festival

The 2006/2007 Sea Shepherd voyage to the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary was documented by a film crew placed onboard by New York City filmmaker Dan Stone.

The result is a 99 minute visual masterpiece entitled At The Edge of the World that captures the passion of Sea Shepherd volunteers as they navigate the most hostile and remote waters on earth in search of the Japanese whaling fleet.

This film brings audiences into another world, a dimension so far removed from their everyday life that it could be mistaken for a Hollywood action film on another world except for the fact that there is no special effects and the characters are not certain they will survive the experience.

As Producer Dan Stone said, "Sean Connery knows he'll still be alive when the film is finished. The crew in this film are not so sure."

Set amongst the grandeur of the Ross Ice Shelf and massive icebergs, accompanied by whales, penguins and leopard seals, the Sea Shepherd crew battle storms and heavy ice to reach their opponents - the outlaw Japanese whaling fleet crewed by Yakusa members and waging a war of destruction against whalekind.

Throughout the rigours of the voyage cameraman, Tim Gorski directs his crew through the perils of sea-sickness and dramatic confrontations to capture the action, the atmosphere and the emotions of a voyage of purpose to the harsh coast of Antarctica.

Sea Shepherd volunteers harass the whalers relentlessly, chasing them, dispersing them and saving more than five hundred whales as they face challenges from the weather, governments and even from hostile Greenpeacers who don't want whales saved the Sea Shepherd way. Greenpeace prefers to bear witness to the killing whereas Sea Shepherd intervenes to stop the killing.

The premiere received a standing ovation from Toronto audiences and the consensus is that it was hit at the Toronto Film Festival.


Captain Watson and Dan Stone answer questions after the film premiere

Captain Watson talks to moviegoers after the screening

Sea Shepherd ships Robert Hunter and Farley Mowat in Antarctica

Sea Shepherd vessel Robert Hunter chases the Nisshin Maru in Antarctica

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