Whale Wars Finale Ends as Whale Wars Two Begins

On the day that the final episode of Whale Wars airs in the United States, the crew of the Steve Irwin once again intercepted the Japanese whaling fleet off the coast of Antarctica.

"It does not get more real than this," said Captain Paul Watson. "While people are sitting in their living rooms watching our campaign against the whalers that took place last season we are at the same time in the icy hostile seas of Antarctica engaged with the whalers this season. There is an Animal Planet crew onboard and the cameras are rolling for season two of Whale Wars."

This is the quickest and earliest that the Japanese fleet has been found and Sea Shepherd is hopeful this will translate into major profit losses for the illegal Japanese whaling fleet and that more whales will be spared an agonizing death from the harpoons than last season when Sea Shepherd intervention cut the Japanese kill quota in half.

"We've got them on the run," said Sea Shepherd 2nd Officer Peter Hammarstedt of Sweden. "The chase is on and we will dog them, harass them, continually intercept them and we will silence the harpoons."

The crew are in high spirits.

"This is going to be a wonderful gift for the whales this Christmas," said Shannon Mann from Canada.

"I'm feeling really good about being here," said Amber Paarman of South Africa.

"There is no place else I would rather be than down here in these waters chasing these killers," said Jeff Hansen from Western Australia.

Both the whaling fleet and the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin are moving slowly through thick ice in the midst of a strong blizzard with 50 knot winds.