Victory for Dolphins in Bermuda

Plans for a second dolphin captivity facility in Bermuda have been turned down by the Bermuda Development Applications Board.

Last week, Captain Paul Watson expressed his confident opinion that the proposal would be turned down based on his knowledge of strict laws in Bermuda pertaining to dredging, and because government engineers had already advised against the plans for the facility at Sinky Bay.

The Sea Shepherd ship Farley Mowat arrived in Bermuda on December 9th in the midst of the controversy over the dolphin facility. The arrival of the ship was used as an opportunity to publicize this issue.

"I believe that Lisa Vickers has done a wonderful job in organizing opposition to this proposed facility," said Captain Watson, referring to the Bermuda biology student and environmental activist who has led the campaign on behalf of the dolphins. "I had the pleasure to meet with her last week, and I was impressed with her energy and commitment to this cause."

You can find the Bermuda Royal Gazette article on this issue here: