Update from the Steve Irwin

1045 Hours (Sydney time, February 2nd)

The weather is getting worse as the Japanese fleet continues to flee westward at full speed with the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin in pursuit.

The Japanese whaling ships have been jamming Sea Shepherd communications and have been deploying a long range acoustic weapon device to repel Sea Shepherd boats. The sound waves cause disorientation and nausea.

The deployment of military weapon systems in the Antarctic Treaty Zone is a violation of international law. The whalers are becoming increasingly violent in defense of their illegal activities.

"It is a very dramatic scene out here as ships zig zag back and forth in thick ice and heavy swells," said Captain Paul Watson. "The whalers are deploying water cannons, concussion grenades, acoustic weapons, and throwing solid brass and lead balls at Sea Shepherd crewmembers. If we were to do any of the things these thugs are doing, we would be denounced as eco-terrorists. There certainly is a double standard where whale killers can use violence without fear of condemnation from their government and we can't even defend ourselves without condemnation from our governments. What is important however is that despite the violence from the whalers, no whales are being killed. They can't get away from us and if we keep on their tail they can't kill whales."

Japanese whalers aim long range acoustic device, a military class weapon at the
crew of the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin This LRAD emits mid to high frequency
sound waves that can disorient, confuse, cause nausea and vomiting and temporary
sometimes permanent deafness. It is illegal for a military type weapon to be
deployed by civilians against civilians in the waters of the Southern Ocean. 
Photo by Stephen Roest/Sea Shepherd Conservation Society