Erwin’s first two questions were about the status of the Cove Guardian campaign and Operation Divine Wind-Sea Shepherd’s whale campaign in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. He was also extremely surprised and humbled to learn of the overwhelming global support and attention regarding his imprisonment.

It appears his diet has only slightly improved since being transferred from the jail in Shingu. He weighed in at 176 lbs on the day of his arrest and has lost approximately twenty pounds while detained. Scott West was able to bring Erwin a sweater after he remarked last week in court that it was very cold in his cell. He also goes to bed early in an attempt to keep warm. After their brief meeting Scott West remarked that Erwin looked gaunt. “This trial is a farce in that the prosecution does not have a case,” said West.

Even with the lack of evidence and overall weak case of the prosecution, an acquittal is unlikely, as this would harm the judge’s reputation in the eyes of the prosecution and police. However, an acquittal would be an extremely brave act on the part of the judge. The trial continues February 16th when closing arguments will take place and a verdict is expected on February 22nd.

Sea Shepherd is organizing several candlelight vigils in Erwin’s honor.

Currently, the cities participating are:

Philadelphia- February 3

Seattle- February 4

Denver- February 4

New York- February 4

Toronto- February 16

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