Too Cruel for Costco - Omega-3 Seal oil capsules pulled off shelves in Newfoundland

Costco Wholesale Corporation, based in Washington state, made the decision to stop selling Omega-3 Seal oil capsules at their St. John's location and to pull all the remaining stock of this product out of their warehouse.

Reza Farmand, Pharmacy manager for Costco in eastern Canada, reacted quickly to information provided by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on the cruelty of the east coast commercial baby harp and hood seal hunt.

When asked what prompted Costco to disassociate itself from this product, Mr. Farmand replied Costco was unaware of many of the specifics concerning the hunt and that it was this information which prompted their decision.

The Sealing industry in one of its latest desperate attempts to profit from the inhumane and unsustainable slaughter of hundreds of thousands of infant Seal pups, has resorted to promoting Seal oil in capsule form as a source for Omega-3, in essence baby Seals in a pill.

Omega-3 & essential fatty acids can be taken in plant form, such as hemp and flaxseed oil. Seal oil, containing bioaccumulative PCBs, are misleadingly marketed in the health food industry by the Canadian government, as a health alternative.

A known animal carcinogen, PCBs produce health affects such as skin ailments called chloracne, reproductive disorders, liver disease and others. PCBs are stored in body fat and are also dangerously bioaccumulate in the foodchain. Resistant to degradation, PCBs persist for many years in the environment.

Sea Shepherd encourages supporters to watch out for seal oil capsules and/or seal fur products being sold in their neighbourhood and to report their findings to the Friday Harbor office.