“I think that the Faeroese whalers are craven cowards,” said Captain Paul Watson. “They did not kill a single whale when we were there. They waited, knowing we would eventually have to leave, and within a week of our departure, they resumed their grisly and barbaric ritual of cruel and horrific slaughter. I have only one word to describe these killers and that word is – cowards.”

The killings today have vindicated Sea Shepherd’s presence and tactics in the Faeroes this summer. It is quite evident that if the Sea Shepherd ships and crew had not been in the isles for the past two months, hundreds of whales would have likely been butchered.

“They will now sit down to their mercury poisoned meal of whale flesh and blubber and they will snigger and boast of the lives they have so cruelly taken,” said Chief Cook and crewmember Laura Dakin of Australia. “It is easy to kill the defenseless, the babies and mothers, so easy to massacre creatures that can’t fight back. These men are pathetic cowards.”

Sea Shepherd plans to return to the Faeroes Islands next year in the summer of 2012 to once again patrol the waters in defense of the defenseless.