The Steve Irwin Docks in Fremantle

Peter Garret called on to visit ship

The Steve Irwin arrived in Fremantle at Victoria Quay at 3:15 PM on Thursday, November 5th.  Supporters were able to see the ship entering the harbor.

Captain Alex Cornelissen said,  “Peter Garret is in town and we call on him to come to the ship, and tell us what he intends to do to end the whale slaughter this year.  What is he going to do to uphold his government’s election promises? We have support from everyone else except the Minister who should be making these decisions.”

Cornelissen continued, “The support so far in Fremantle has been excellent. We hosted Fremantle Mayor Brad Petit, and local state member Adele Carles for dinner, as well as a contingent of other Greens. Former mayor Peter Tagliaferri has also visited the ship.  We look forward to meeting with former Environment Minister Ian Campbell this week.”

Former Environment Minister and Sea Shepherd Advisory Board Member Ian Campbell has welcomed the ship’s arrival and reiterated the invitation to Peter Garret to visit the ship when he is in Perth this week.

“Sea Shepherd is the only organization in the world actually intervening to reduce the whale slaughter.  I encourage my former colleague and current Environment Minister to meet with Sea Shepherd and advise what he plans to do to end the whale slaughter,” said Campbell.

The Steve Irwin will be carrying out final preparations and provisioning for its next Whale Defense Campaign Operation Waltzing Matilda to stop the slaughter of whales in Australia’s Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and would like to welcome supporters on board for free tours in Fremantle once we are berthed.

As of 8th November the Steve Irwin will be located at C Berth, Victoria Quay, Fremantle. Tours will be available Friday to Sunday 9:30-5:30 PM starting on the 8th.

The Steve Irwin Docks in Fremantle
photo credit Barbara Veiga/Sea Shepherd