The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society made demands of the Canadian government that the Farley Mowat be returned in the same condition it was received. They refused and made the decision to sell the ship without even notifying the owner (Sea Shepherd) that the ship would be seized.

"I have no intention of recognizing the validity of any sale ordered by the Canadian government," said Captain Paul Watson. "Whoever buys the ship should be aware that we retain the registry and the original Bill of Sale and we will take back what is ours at the first opportunity. You don't steal a ship from a pirate without repercussions."

Any potential buyer should also be aware that the ship has over a quarter of a million dollars in liens against it. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will notify the creditors to be alert to any persons claiming ownership of our property. The buyer should be aware that debts on ships under maritime law stay with the ship regardless of change of ownership.

The Canadian government is taking bids on our ship until April 12th.

Captain Watson's message to any potential buyer of the Farley Mowat: "You will not be buying a ship, you'll be buying a debt worth more than the ship is worth and you will be buying something that will not be your property - ever!"