Captain Locky MacLean ordered the Gojira to head for sea out of Tahiti to avoid the wave. They did so and have recently returned to port in Papeete.

The crews on the Bob Barker and the Steve Irwin were on minor alert in Hobart, Tasmania.

Our operation on the Galapagos is under threat of the tsunami.  We have not had any reports back yet.

Sea Shepherd’s Founder and President, Captain Paul Watson, was on the island of Palau some 2,000 miles south of Japan with Sea Shepherd CEO Steve Roest at 1930 hours last night, the time the wave would have struck the islands.  There was hardly a ripple, which is a very good thing because there really is no high ground in Palau.

We anxiously await word from the Cove Guardians, and all of us with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society wish to express our support and sympathies to the people of Japan who have suffered this horrific natural disaster.  We are also very concerned about the threat posed by some of the nuclear reactors that have been destabilized by the quake and the tsunami.  We also wish to express our support and concern for the people living in the path of these deadly waves – especially to those people in Northern California, Hawaii, and the pacific coast of South America.