Taiji Dolphin Slaughter Video Shown to the European Cetacean Society by Ric O'Barry

Since Sea Shepherd Conservation Society re-energized the Taiji dolphin slaughter debate in October 2003, there have been a few organizations that have joined in opposition to this bloody mass slaughter of dolphins.

The most energetic of these groups is One Voice from France, led by their field activist Ric O'Barry.

Ric, in fact, is one of the most courageous defenders of dolphins in the world and a champion of the movement to free dolphins from captivity.

Ric was in Taiji when the first Sea Shepherd crew was there in November 2003, the same month that Allison Lance Watson and Alex Cornelissen were arrested for freeing 15 dolphins from the nets and preventing them from being slaughtered.

Ric has been back to Taiji many times since and has been tireless in his efforts to oppose the killing.

Ric has just finished showing his documentary "Welcome to Taiji" at the 19th Annual Conference of the European Cetacean Society that was held in LaRochelle, France, from April 2nd through 7th.

The Conference was hosted by the University of LaRochelle (Laboratoire de Biologie et Environnement Marins, Centre de Recherche sur les Mammifères Marins, Institut du Littoral et de l'Environnement) in co-operation with the Centre d'Etudes Biologiques de Chizé, CNRS.

According to Ric O'Barry, "Several scientists told us they had heard rumors that dolphin trainers - including Westerners - were actively supporting the slaughter by doing business with the dolphin hunters of Taiji. They found this very hard to believe, however, as they were lacking proof. Our video documentation provided the proof needed to convince them that Western dolphin dealers are indeed working side by side with the dolphin hunters during the captures and killings. The evidence is compelling and irrefutable. Dolphin captures are highly secretive and rarely photographed, and the audience observed this violent procedure for the first time."

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society salutes Ric O'Barry and One Voice for their outstanding efforts at continuing to bring the Taiji dolphin atrocity to the attention of the world.