Sharkwater Film Release in Canada - Filmmaker Documents Sea Shepherd & Sharks

The groundbreaking film Sharkwater is being released in Canadian theaters THIS FRIDAY, March 23rd all across the country. In September the film is slated for release in the United States and elsewhere around the world.

Did you know that soda machines kill more people than sharks do every year?

For filmmaker and former Sea Shepherd volunteer Rob Stewart, exploring sharks began as an underwater adventure. What it turned into was a beautiful and dangerous life journey into the balance of life on earth.

In an effort to protect sharks, Stewart joined Captain Watson and Sea Shepherd volunteers aboard the Farley Mowat. Together they uncovered a dangerous worldwide shark finning crisis. Their unbelievable adventure starts with a confrontation between Sea Shepherd and shark poachers in Guatemala, resulting in pirate boat rammings, gunboat chases, mafia espionage, corrupt court systems, and attempted murder charges, forcing them to flee for their lives.

Filmed in visually stunning, high definition video, Sharkwater takes you into the most shark rich waters of the world, exposing the exploitation and corruption surrounding the world's shark populations in the marine reserves of Cocos Island, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. You can see previews and behind-the-scenes clips from the film at

Founder and President of Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson says, "I am proud of the fact that Sea Shepherd was able to contribute towards the making of this incredible film. This is a film that will forever shatter the stereotypical myths that surround sharks. Where Jaws taught people to hate and fear sharks, Rob Stewart's passionate masterpiece will have people loving and caring for these important animals. "

Sharkwater is arguably the most important film ever made about sharks. Sea Shepherd strongly encourages everyone to see it this weekend when it is released nationwide!