Sea Shepherd Unveils "Dead Lobster" T-shirt Design

Dead Lobster

Sea Shepherd artist/activist Geert-Jan Vons fresh from an artistic victory over Disneyland has now set his sights on Red Lobster or as he refers to them "Dead Lobster."

Geert's design of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck evilly cutting up and eating sharks made the headlines in the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the London Times, and numerous newspapers around the world. Within a week of the stories, Disney announced that they would not be serving shark fin soup at their restaurants in Hong Kong. It was a major victory for the sharks, and sent a message loud and clear that sharks need to be protected.

Red Lobster does not kill seals but they have the power to stop the killing of hundreds of thousands of baby seals in Canada every year. All they have to do is to agree to join the international Boycott of Canadian Seafood. Red Lobster alone purchases enough seafood from Canada to negate the profits of the annual Canadian seal slaughter.

So far they have refused to do so.

The Canadian government is not influenced by public opinion. The majority of the people of Canada oppose the seal slaughter. Canada receives more protests about the seal slaughter from around the world each year than for any other issue. And yet the atrocities continue.

The one language that the Canadian government does understand is economic. Because the seal "hunt" is run by the seafood industry, it can be ended by undermining the profits of the entire Canadian seafood industry. This boycott specifically targets the very people who slaughter the harp seals:  The sealers are fisherman, and every fisherman's union and every fishing and seafood company in Canada defends and supports the slaughter of seals. Therefore, the Canadian seal slaughter cannot be separated from the Canadian fishing industry.

Products to boycott:

-- Snow crabs from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia
-- Mussels, sardines, lobster and scallops from Prince Edward Island and New - Brunswick Salmon both wild and farmed from British Columbia

The Red Lobster chain of seafood restaurants has the power to end the horrific slaughter of seals.  All they have to do is refuse to buy seafood products from Canada. They have decided not to do this voluntarily. They will not listen to the voices of conservation. They will not listen to the scientists who warn that this slaughter is a serious threat to the survival of the seals. They have chosen to remain deaf to the concerns about the incredible cruelty inflicted upon the seals. As the ice floes off Eastern Canada run red with blood every spring, Red Lobster profits from the same industry that is responsible for this bloody carnage.

Geert's image needs to be widely distributed - on protest signs, on T-shirts, on billboards, and across the worldwide web. Click here to download a jpeg of the artwork.

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Red Lobster, or as we now refer to them as Dead Lobster, must understand that until the cruel and obscene slaughter of seals is ended, this protest is not going to go away.

We must continually remind them of this.

Captain Paul Watson is urging everyone to send a letter of protest to Red Lobster and attach the image of Dead Lobster to your message.

Their corporate contact information is:

Kim A. Lopdrup, President
Red Lobster Restaurants
5900 Lake Ellenor Drive
Orlando, FL 32809

Tel: (407) 245-4000
Guest Relations Hotline - Please call (800) LOBSTER (1-800-562-7837).
Website for contacting them is: