Sea Shepherd Turns Over Poacher to Galapagos Park Rangers

At 1000 Hours on Friday, June 11, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ship Farley Mowat officially transferred custody of the Costa Rican longliner Kendy to the Galapagos Park rangers and Ecuadorian Marines on board the patrol boat Sirenian.

The Kendy was boarded and inspected by the rangers and the marines, and taken under arrest to Baltra to be processed.

It was the second time that both Sea Shepherd ships have had the opportunity to work together on an interception of poaching in Galapagos waters. The first opportunity was in August 2002, when the Farley Mowat seized a longline south of Isabela Island and turned it over to the Sirenian crew for impounding.

The Kendy under escort by the Sirenian is expected to arrive in Baltra early Saturday morning. The Farley Mowat resumed patrols in the Marine Reserve.