Sea Shepherd Social Networking 101

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society would like to invite you to visit our official networking pages! We have great myspace and facebook pages and we’d like you to “be our friend.”

Unfortunately, there are a lot of groups, forums, websites, and social networking pages on the internet all claiming to be affiliated or somehow associated with Sea Shepherd. Besides our official website,, the following sites are Sea Shepherd’s only official social networking pages:

myspace facebook

Any other site claiming to represent the organization is not sanctioned nor authorized. In the United States, Sea Shepherd donatedoes not have nor authorize chapters or branches, therefore, any website claiming to be a chapter is illegitimate. Also, no fundraising on any other site besides the ones listed above are legitimate or authorized, so for protection of your hard-earned dollars we urge you to bookmark our official Donation Page and visit whenever you are inspired to support us (which we hope is soon and often)!

Additionally, it will come as no surprise that the Sea Shepherd logos are copyrighted material and any unauthorized use of the logo online is a copyright infringement forbidden by law. Sea Shepherd retains the right to take legal action against any in violation of the copyright. We won’t take kindly to this kind of pirate at all!


Because of some confusion on unauthorized sites, we’d like to take a moment to tell you what we are about. Sea Shepherd is not a protest organization – it is a direct action organization specializing in intervention against illegal activities that exploit marine wildlife and habitats in contravention to international conservation law.

To further explain who we are, Sea Shepherd is not an animal rights organization – it is a marine conservation organization that operates vegan ships to set an example. Because Sea Shepherd knows that marine wildlife has reached critical levels and that one third of the annual take of marine species is fed to domestic livestock in the form of fishmeal, we do not allow the consuming fish or animal products on our vessels. In fact, our business is the defense of ALL marine organisms from plankton to the whales from illegal exploitation.

Following is a list of the wide variety of organizations that we work in conjunction with to defend all kinds of marine wildlife:

Surfers, scuba divers, national environmental police organizations, national park rangers, environmental organizations, conservation organizations, certified green corporations, animal rights organizations, animal welfare organizations, vegetarian and vegan organizations.

Lastly, in the field, Sea Shepherd maintains the following rules:

  1. We do not take any action that will cause injury to our opposition. In our three decades of operations we have never caused a single injury.
  2. We operate within the context of international law. In our three decades of operations, we have never had a crewmember convicted of a felony while engaged in a Sea Shepherd activity.
  3. We do not compromise with the law. If it is illegal we oppose it. We do not discriminate on the application of the law because of nationality, race, or belief.


To learn more about our work, please visit the following pages on our OFFICAL website:

Soon to come…Social Networking 102…Sea Shepherd Twitter!...