The Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan is buying all the bluefin tuna they can get and freezing it, literally investing in the extinction of this magnificent warm-blooded, unique fish. Once gone, the bluefin will be extremely rare and Mitsubishi will be able to name their price.

Because of the avarice of companies like Nobu and Mitsubishi, worldwide populations of bluefin have been reduced by 90%, perhaps more.

“The killing must stop,” said Sea Shepherd France President Lamya Essemlali. “This continued slaughter is intolerable.”

The European Union quotas are being ignored. The regulations are being ignored. bluefin is being smuggled out of Europe like an expensive drug. From poacher to buyers to consumers, the trafficking in bluefin is a billion dollar criminal enterprise.

Tuna fishing is managed by the Madrid-based International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas. This is a corrupt body that is only interested in protecting the investments of the fishing industries in its 45 member countries. They ignore their own science and have been setting quotas twice as high as the industry scientists are recommending.

Turkey is demanding higher quotas, and the poachers from various nations ignore the quotas altogether.

“Give me a ship and the resources to intervene,” said Captain Watson, “And I will patrol the Mediterranean on a campaign to destroy the nets of every illegally operated fishing vessel we can track down. We need to get tough on these poachers before we lose the bluefin forever.”