Sea Shepherd Selected as a Beneficiary by Dutch Zip Code Lottery

Report from the Netherlands by Captain Alex Cornelissen

On January 30th Sea Shepherd Europe board members Anne van Ingelgem, Susi Sperling, Jordan de Vaan and Captain Alex Cornelissen attended the annual "Goed Geld Gala" from the "Postcodeloterij" (Dutch Zip code lottery),

The Zip Code Lottery was founded almost 20 years ago as a means to raise money for organizations who fight for nature conservation, environmental protection and support for victims of war, violence and poverty. Half the money they raise through the lottery is donated to these organizations.

Since the founding in 1989 the zip code lottery has donated 2 billion euros. The "Goed Geld Gala" is where the lottery announces how much is going to be donated to the various organizations. This year 3 new groups were added to the 53 already existing groups.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is proud to announce that we have been chosen as one of those 3 new organizations.

The organizations that receive donations can be found on

Captain Alex Cornelissen received the cheque and was told that the reason for our selection was our passion and determination to stop the slaughter of marine mammals, a selection that was strengthened by recent events in the Antarctic.

We are incredibly thankful to the lottery for this recognition and donation. The money is well needed as the fight for our oceans is intensifying on all fronts; Japanese whalers and dolphin killers, poachers in the Galapagos, upcoming annual slaughter of harp seals in Canada, reports that indicate that a fifth of the world's fish is caught illegally and the list goes on.

Left to right: Susi Sperling, Captain Alex Cornelissen, Dutch Zip Code Lottery 
Managing Director Ellen Damsma, Anne van Ingelgem, Jordan de Vaan
photo credit: Roy Beusker