To launch the campaign on Wednesday, March 18th,  in the Queen Street store in Toronto, Ontario, LUSH employee Kristi K will strip down to virtually nothing, paint herself red and lay on a bloody Canadian flag to symbolize the thousands seals that will be killed and skinned during this year's hunt.

"As a business that cares about animals and the environment, we are ashamed that the blood continues to flow on the ice of Eastern Canada," said Mark Wolverton, North American CEO of LUSH Cosmetics. "Clubbing and shooting baby seals for their fur is cruelty to animals, plain and simple, and LUSH Cosmetics wants to see it stopped."

Sea Shepherd's President and Founder Captain Paul Watson said, "We are extremely grateful to LUSH for their efforts to bring this issue into the spotlight.  After witnessing the cruel slaughter of seals first hand and devoting most of my life to bringing it to an end, I am hopeful that the increased public awareness through the LUSH campaign for the seals will aid the efforts by those of us working to stop this barbaric practice once and for all."

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