Sea Shepherd Lifts Boycott of Global Green Awards

Last week, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society posted a notice of a boycott of the Annual Green Cross Millennium Awards to be held in Los Angeles on Saturday, April 1st.

The boycott was in response to the announcement that Inuit Leader Sheila Watt-Cloutier would be receiving a Global Green Award for her petition drive on global warming.

Sea Shepherd posted this boycott in response to Watt-Cloutier's attack on Sir Paul McCartney and Lady Heather Mills McCartney because they had spoken out against Canada's annual East Coast slaughter of 325,000 harp seal pups. She also attacked the organizations, including Sea Shepherd, for opposing the slaughter and attempted to link this obscene kill with Inuit culture when there is no connection between the commercial slaughter of seals on Canada's East Coast and the traditional hunting of seals in the Arctic regions of Canada.

Watt-Cloutier's remarks served the propaganda purposes of the Canadian government. The Canadian government is always trying to link the commercial slaughter with traditional hunting. Sheila played along with this strategy.

The boycott notice has served its purpose. Captain Paul Watson has done numerous interviews with the Canadian media especially in the high north over this issue. Sheila Watt-Cloutier is well aware of our criticism of her unprofessional and unsubstantiated remarks.

And because we respect the Global Green Awards, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will not be picketing or demonstrating at this event. Our boycott is effectively lifted and we hope that Sheila Watt-Cloutier thinks before she speaks the next time she seeks to do the bidding of the federal government of Canada.

Original Posting

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is calling for a boycott of the 10 Annual Green Cross Millennium Awards

This event to be held April 1st at the Beverly Hills Hotel is bestowing a Millennium Award to Sheila Watt-Cloutier.

Sheila Watt-Cloutier publicly condemned Sir Paul McCartney in the Canadian media on March 13th for bringing attention to the annual mass slaughter of harp seal pups off the Eastern Coast of Canada.

At the same time that Watt-Cloutier accepts her "environmental" award, the heads of tens of thousands of young seals will be bashed in by Canadian sealers.

Watt-Cloutier said opposition to the slaughter of seals off Newfoundland was a threat to the Inuit people despite the fact that the commercial seal hunt is an all white slaughterhouse.

There are no Inuit and no Native peoples participating in the slaughter.

But the government of Canada would have people believe that the Inuit are connected to the commercial hunt and Watt-Cloutier was willingly used by the Canadian Government for propaganda purposes to give credibility to this lie.

How can a woman who openly advocates the largest mass slaughter of marine mammals on the planet get a Global Green Millennium Award?

This makes a complete mockery of this award.

Over a million seals have been cruelly slaughtered off Canada's Eastern Coast in a hunt that is managed by the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the same bureaucracy responsible for the eradication of the Northern cod by over-fishing.

Sheila Watt-Cloutier insulted Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Lady Heather Mills McCartney by saying it was silly of them to pose with the seal pups and showed disrespect for wildlife because these animals are there for food and not for playing with.

None of the 325,000 seals killed each year are used for food. This is deliberate misinformation designed to attract sympathy for the sealers by fraudulently associating the commercial seal hunt with the traditional Inuit seal hunt in the far North. The two are not even remotely connected.