The “Eternal Mini:” This skateboard design features custom artwork created by world acclaimed designer and artist Dave Kinsey. Kinsey’s painting, “Eternal,” was inspired by a photograph of Captain Paul Watson taken by Sea Shepherd helicopter Pilot Chris Aultman. The painting questions the morality of whaling in the 21st century and drives home that extinction is forever. This is a signature Kinsey board, an honor the artist granted in support of Sea Shepherd’s marine conservation mission. A great board for beginners, it retails for $130 (complete board).

The “Sea No Evil Pintail:” This skateboard features custom artwork created by Monster Media for one of Sea Shepherd’s biggest annual events, the Sea No Evil Art Show in Riverside, California, benefiting the organization’s various initiatives to preserve and protect the oceans of the world. The artwork features a majestic humpback whale in shades of blue accented with white and encircled by a neon streak of light on a black background. A solid entry level board for the rider just getting into longer skateboards, it will still glide through the quality turns a more experienced rider would put it through. The board retails for $165 (complete board).

In keeping with its corporate mission, Sector 9 has taken numerous steps to manufacture skateboards as eco-ethically as possible. Among the many socially responsible steps taken, the company uses sustainably harvested woods or bamboo, fabricates skate wheels that are 50 percent soy urethane, and manufactures 80 percent of its products in the U.S.A.

The new line of Sector 9 Sea Shepherd skateboards builds upon Sea Shepherd’s existing alliances with other eco-friendly lifestyle brands such as Chaser LA, which designs fashion-forward apparel for the conservation organization, as well as GSI, manufacturer of an exclusive surfboard for Sea Shepherd.

The See No Evil PintailThe See No Evil Pintail The Jolly Roger DeckThe Jolly Roger Deck