Article in Newsday on Sea Shepherd crewmember Matt Kelly protection turtles in Trinidad and Tobago. December 27, 2003:

Article by Captain Paul Watson published in the New Zealand Herald December 25, 2003 on Mad Cow Disease:

The same article was published in CounterPunch on December 24, 2003:

The San Francisco Gate included Sea Shepherd's picture of the Taiji, Japan dolphin slaughter in their Pictures of the Year:

Article on Low Frequency Sonar testing and impact on whales with statements from Sea Shepherd in the December 4th Mendocino Beacon:,1413,94~3593~1808951,00.html

Updates on Sea Shepherd ships

The Farley Mowat is in dry-dock in Seattle until the end of January, 2004. The ship will depart for the Galapagos in early February.

The Sirenian has completed her annual dry-docking in Ecuador and is back on patrol for the National Park in the Galapagos

Current Active Sea Shepherd Campaigns

  • Protection of the Galapagos National Park (GNP) Marine Reserve - Ecuador
  • Protection of Cocos Island National Park Marine Reserve - Costa Rica
  • Opposition to the slaughter of dolphin in Japan
  • Opposition to the capture and slaughter of dolphins in the Solomon Islands
  • Program of confiscation of illegal long lines worldwide
  • Opposition to the slaughter of pilot whales in the Danish Faeroe Islands
  • Opposition to the Canadian Commercial Seal Hunt
  • Opposition to the illegal killing of whales by Japan, Iceland, and Norway
  • Protection of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland from illegal fishing
  • Protection of sea-turtles in the Caribbean
  • Opposition to the Deployment of Low Frequency Sonar testing by the United States Navy
  • Campaign to discourage the consumption of shark fins in Asia
  • Campaign to oppose domestic salmon farming

Reward Programs

  • $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who murdered conservationist Jane Tipson killed in St. Lucia in September 2003
  • $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of people illegally killing marine mammals, turtles, and sea-birds in U.S. waters
  • $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of people illegally exploiting fish, mollusks and sea vegetables in U.S. waters.

December Updates on Crewmembers

  • Matt Kelly (Crew on the Antarctic campaign 2003-2004) is presently in Tobago working to protect sea-turtles
  • Ken Nichols (Crew on the 1998 Makah campaign) is in Palestine working for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians
  • Matt Taylor (Crew on the Caribbean campaign 2001) is serving as a military policeman for the U.S. Army in Iraq
  • Dean Walton (Crew on the Antarctic campaign 2003-2004) is presently in Grenada working to protect sea-turtles and sea birds