Sea Shepherd is not particularly worried about the suit because their actions against illegal fishing operations are taken only after obtaining sufficient evidence to prove that the target is operating illegally, and they believe they have such evidence against Fish & Fish and will be defending the suit on that basis. However, let’s not forget that lawsuits can be filed for many reasons. This may have happened for financial redress, or simply because Sea Shepherd has had serious success exposing the illegalities of operations profiting from the destruction of the bluefin tuna and they want to interfere with their activities. Either way, Sea Shepherd is confident that their defense against this suit is strong.

In the meantime, a warrant to detain the ship was conveniently served at 1630 afternoon on the eve of their departure to the Faeroe Islands to protect pilot whales from slaughter.

Sea Shepherd is able to send the Brigitte Bardot vessel as planned, but the Steve Irwin will be delayed until they can post a bond, which their legal department is currently working towards.

In any campaign, Sea Shepherd must remain flexible and ready to deal with the unexpected. This legal assault by the tuna fishing industry will delay them but will certainly not deter or stop them from defending the whales this summer.

Operation Ferocious Isles will commence as scheduled with the departure of the Brigitte Bardot on July 16 from Lerwick in the Scottish Shetland Islands.