Sea Shepherd Does Not Condone the Use of Firearms

Reports that Sea Shepherd supports shooting Japanese whale poachers are inaccurate.

“The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has never used firearms and has no intention of using firearms against illegal whalers,” said Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd president and founder. “We are proud of our record of never causing an injury to any person in our entire history. We may be aggressive, obstructive, and we may damage harpoons, nets, and longlines used by poachers, but we have never, and will never, injure a human being.”

The reports originated from statements made by Mr. Ady Gil, who said that elephant poachers are shot in East Africa for illegally killing elephants and speculated that whale poachers deserved to be shot also.

Mr. Gil is a supporter of Sea Shepherd, and as an individual, he is free to express any viewpoint he so wishes.  However, Mr. Gil does not speak for Sea Shepherd or serve as a representative or spokesperson in any official capacity.  Therefore, any opinions expressed by Mr. Gil are his own personal opinions and not the opinions of Sea Shepherd.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an anti-poaching organization specializing in opposition to illegal activities that exploit marine wildlife species. The organization has a policy of nonviolence and working within the boundaries of international conservation law. In its 33-year history, Sea Shepherd has never inflicted any injuries to any person nor has any Sea Shepherd activist ever been convicted of a felony crime.