Sea Shepherd Crew Expose Grisly Atrocities to Dolphins on the High Seas

On Board the FARLEY MOWAT (FM), April 8, 2003: Captain Peter Woof approached the Taiwanese long liner with caution. The crew of the FM had been shot at before by these ruthless fishing operations.

Only two days before, the FM had encountered and confiscated an unmarked 13 kilometer long line in the mid-Pacific. Captain Woof knows that these fishing vessels react with hostility to any interference with their illegal operations.

As the FM pulled close alongside the Taiwanese long line vessel CHIN KUO #8, (Taiwanese fishery registration #VJ4684), the crew could see the deck was wet with steaming blackish-red blood.

"It looked like dead men lying on the deck, three of them, their bodies each the size of a large man torn and mutilated, drenched in blood," Reported Captain Woof.

"As we moved in closer, the fishermen quickly dragged the bodies to the side of the ship and pushed them over into the sea. It was then that I saw the unmistakable tail flukes and saw that the bodies were dolphins."

Captain Woof relayed this report to Captain Paul Watson in the Sea Shepherd Malibu office. He reported that there was a pile of bloody dolphin flesh on the deck and that the fishermen had baited their hooks with the raw bleeding dolphin meat.

"This observation raises serious concern," said Captain Watson. "There are 2500 of these Taiwanese long liners out there setting lines of baited hooks from 10 to 40 kilometers long. It's a common practice, and it represents a serious threat to the dolphins of the Pacific Ocean."

The observation took place at the position of 9° Degrees 30' North and 157° 49' West, an area about five hundred miles south of Hawaii.

The FM is remaining in the area as long as possible to deter the Taiwanese from setting their lines.