The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is amazed that whereas the Japanese government is prepared to use violence to defend their illegal whaling operations, the governments of nations supposedly committed to protecting endangered whales do absolutely nothing.

"Diplomacy has failed for a quarter of a century. Japan does whatever Japan wants to do. You don't save whales by hanging banners and appointing a so-called whaling envoy. You don't save whales by posturing once a year at the IWC meetings and you don't save whales by issuing media releases about how committed the government is to defending whales," said Captain Watson. "It is now what it was in September 2007 when Peter Garrett accused the Howard government of doing nothing. He said at the time it was all smoke and mirrors, all pretty pictures and all talk and no action. Two years later with Garrett in charge it still is what Garrett said it was under the Howard government. Do we really need to see fifteen Australian citizens assaulted and hauled off to Japan in chains before any action is taken? I believe if that does happen, nothing will still happen. The so called ‘conservation’ nations have become little Japanese lap dogs that do what they're told despite their pathetic barking."