Sea Shepherd Calls on Australia to Uphold the Law

Seize the Kyo Maru #1 in Hobart

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is calling upon the Australian government to enforce Australian law and detain the Japanese whaling harpoon vessel presently enroute to Hobart.

"This ship Kyo Maru #1 is a pirate whaler and has been illegally slaughtering whales in the Australian Antarctic Territory. It is a poacher - no different than the pirate fishing operations targeting Patagonian toothfish. Why is Australia discriminating as to which pirates are acceptable and which ones are not?," demanded Captain Paul Watson.

The Kyo Maru #1 is scheduled to arrive in Hobart on December 24 and is requesting permission to refuel. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is requesting that merchants boycott the ship and refuse to sell it fuel or supplies.

The Japanese have shown nothing but contempt for Australian sovereignty over the Australia Antarctic territory. Environment Minister Ian Campbell has said his government is powerless to stop them. "If the government cannot enforce the law then we must do so," said Captain Watson.

The Japanese whale kill is illegal:

-They are violating the International Whaling Commission (IWC) moratorium on commercial whaling.

-They are targeting endangered fin and humpback whales that are protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

-The Japanese are also in violation of the Australian laws protecting the Australian Antarctic Territorial waters.

- The Japanese are violating the Southern Ocean Sanctuary where whales are supposed to be safe.