Japan, Norway and Iceland are criminal whaling nations and their unlawful activities must be shut down. This approach that William Hogarth is proposing in the name of the United States is like telling bank robbers that they can still rob banks but this time they can do it legally as long as they rob the bank in the North and only partially rob the bank in the South.

What is it that these politicians and bureaucrats don't understand about the words "whale sanctuary"? What is it they don't understand about the word "endangered" and what is it they don't understand about the word "poaching"?

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been forced to confront the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Oceans every year because international conservation laws are not being enforced.

If the IWC sees fit to legalize this illegal whaling activity the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will continue to confront and oppose whaling by the Japanese fleet in the Southern Ocean by citing the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and the Antarctic Treaty. We will be allowed to intervene in accordance with the United Nations World Charter for Nature, and as such we will still be acting to enforce international conservation law.

If the IWC legalizes the slaughter of endangered whales it will have abandoned all moral and legal authority that it presently has and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will consider it as an ineffective body bought and paid for by the Japanese government.

William Hogarth should rent a movie called the Untouchables. It is pathetic that a representative of the United States would compromise on the law and kowtow to a bunch of Yakuza controlled poachers.

The man is a disgrace to conservation and a disgrace to our nation.