Sea Shepherd Calls for a Boycott of Wal-Mart to Save Whales and Dolphins

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is calling for a boycott of the Wal-Mart stores until they either divest themselves of 37% shares they own of the Japanese supermarket chain of stores called Seiyu Ltd.

Recently the Environmental Investigation Agency hired a researcher to call 202 Seiyu retail outlets to inquire if they sold whale or dolphins meat.

Of the 202 stores contacted, 123 admitted to selling whale and/or dolphin meat.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society considers this immoral for the U.S. based Wal-Mart Company.

Sea Shepherd is urging its members and the concerned public to contact the Wal-Mart website at

The website has a place to enter a zip code for your nearest Wal-Mart stores. This will give you both addresses and telephone numbers to help you to contact your nearest Wal-Mart store.

Ask them to divest themselves of their Seiyu Japan holdings or convince Seiyu to stop selling whale and dolphin meat.

"This is extremely offensive," said Sea Shepherd President Captain Paul Watson. "We have Wal-Mart making profits off the cruel slaughter of dolphins and whales. We are confident that when North Americans are informed of Wal-Mart's complicity in the killing of whales and dolphins that they will agree with us that this company must be boycotted until they denounce the slaughter of the gentle dolphins and majestic great whales by their Japanese partner.

If Seiyu refuses to stop trading in the flesh and blood of dolphins and whales, Wal-Mart should divest themselves of their holdings in Seiyu. Refusal to take action to protect the dolphins and whales will be seen as an endorsement by Wal-Mart of the Japanese butchery of these highly intelligent and socially complex mammals."

Supermarket chains in Europe have banned Faeroese fish because of the annual slaughter of pilot whales in the Faeroe Islands. American companies like Wal-Mart should be as sensitive to the concerns of their American customers as the European companies are sensitive to their customers.

Americans are opposed to whaling and opposed to the butchery of dolphins. To condone this cruelty is both inhumane and un-American.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society urges Wal-Mart to cease and desist with their support of the suffering and death inflicted upon whales and dolphins.