Sea Shepherd Calls for a Blanket Boycott of Iceland

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is calling for a boycott of all things Icelandic.

"Iceland has spat in the face of marine conservationists around the world with their extremist announcement that they wish to slaughter 150 endangered Fin whales and 100 Minke whales this year," said Captain Paul Watson.

The Fin whale is listed as an endangered species and Iceland has already violated international conservation law by exporting Fin whale meat to markets in Japan without the required CITES export permits. Trading in endangered species is illegal under the provisions of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species.

The same kind of reckless extremist attitude that led to the crash of Iceland's entire economic structure is now being displayed in a move that contemptuously screams out to the rest of the world that Iceland considers itself exempt from laws protecting nature and endangered species. The outgoing government having virtually destroyed the economic infrastructure of Iceland announced their war on the whales as they stepped down in disgrace.

"This is basically an act of sabotage, an act of bitterness, against the incoming government," said Arni Finnsson from the Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA) in a report from the BBC.

"There is a huge surge by the whale killing countries this week," said Captain Paul Watson. "With Japan, Iceland and Norway flexing their muscles and pushing aggressively for higher quotas and targeting endangered species."

This aggressiveness may pay off if the other member nations of the International Whaling Commission respond by compromising with the whalers to legalize commercial whaling in exchange for lowering quotas.

Sea Shepherd sinks half the Icelandic whaling fleet
in Reykjavik harbor, 1986

Iceland stopped whaling in 1986 after the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society sank half the Icelandic whaling fleet in Reykjavik harbor. Two of the four whaling ships were scuttled by Sea Shepherd engineers and the whale processing plant was destroyed. The two ships were never repaired and Icelandic whaling was shut down for two decades. In 2006, Iceland announced a small quota and now this quota has been raised considerably.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is calling for and will promote a boycott of all thing Icelandic.

"We're going to say to people around the world to not buy Icelandic vodka, sweaters, and fish, to not go as tourists to Iceland and to not use Iceland as a refueling station for private jets." said Captain Paul Watson.

Jeff Skoll the founder of E-Bay and Hollywood Producer Bob Yari have both informed Iceland that they will not be using Iceland to refuel their private planes enroute to Europe.