Sadistic Sealing Captain Whines about Harassment

Captain Paul Watson received a call from CBC media in Newfoundland today asking for his reaction to allegations by sealing captain Rendell Genge that he is receiving death threats by phone.

Rendell Genge is the sealing captain of the Brady Mariner who is shown in pictures and in video violently attacking Farley Mowat crewmembers on the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The crewmembers who were assaulted have requested that criminal charges be laid against Captain Genge and his crew.

Captain Watson's response was, "Any phone calls received by Captain Genge are of no concern or business of mine. None of us have made any threats towards him or his crew nor have we, nor would we advocate that such threats be made. If indeed threats have been made, this is a matter for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to investigate. They can determine if a crime has been committed or not. Captain Genge's problems are his business. My only business with Captain Genge is the fact that he is a barbaric baby seal slaughtering sadist and he violently assaulted members of my crew with a deadly weapon. I think the man is simply attempting to distract from his own criminal behavior by making accusations against people concerned for protecting the seals."

Captain Watson added, "You should know when you engage in criminal activity, when you are filmed assaulting people and inflicting pain and death on defenseless animals, you are going to make many people angry. Serial killers get threatening phone calls and child molesters get threatening phone calls so I don't think it is unusual that baby seal serial killers get threatening phone calls."