Reward Offered for Information on Australian Shark Killers

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is offering an AUD$200 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for killing, finning, and dumping four large tiger sharks in a park north of Cairns in North Queensland, Australia.

The sharks, ranging in size from three to four meters, have had their fins, jaws, and tails removed and are badly decomposed. The bodies were discovered by a local clergyman who was alerted to the location by the stench of the rotting corpses.

Sharks of this size would have been caught from a fairly large boat and there is a strong possibility that the crime was witnessed.

Boating and Fisheries Patrol District Officer Bob Koch has requested that anyone with information on the dumping or the sale of fins and jaws should report to the Fisheries Hotline.

Fishwatch hotline

To report unlawful fishing in Queensland, please call the 24 hour Fishwatch hotline on 1800 017 116 (toll free within Queensland)

For general fisheries enquiries, contact the DPI&F Call Centre on 13 25 23 (for the cost of a local call from anywhere in Queensland).