The questions: Have the U.S. government and BP implemented the best strategies for oil clean-up and animal rescue? Why is a solution taking so long? What can be done to save marine life over the long term?  Who should be involved?  These are the questions everyone is asking, and while debate rages, Sea Shepherd is preparing for multiple operations to help in the rescue of animals.

Some answers: Sea Shepherd has already begun training volunteers and crew for hazmat/hazwoper (hazardous materials safety compliance) operations, and is preparing them for conditions in the Gulf.  Sea Shepherd has been conducting reconnaissance surveys by air and sea across the affected areas for weeks, and trained volunteers will soon be in the area to carefully study and report on wildlife and ecosystems in the most contaminated areas.

Sea Shepherd is also currently preparing a large vessel in Europe to serve as a floating support facility for authorized, qualified experts working to rescue and protect wildlife and habitat in the Gulf.  Veterinarians, scientists, researchers, and highly qualified oiled wildlife rescue experts will join our ship in the Gulf, and Sea Shepherd will also have qualified personnel available to assist with construction, transportation, and other needs.  The Sea Shepherd floating Wildlife Care Center will be available to assist all authorized operations.

We need the help of Sea Shepherd’s amazing supporters once again.  We need you to urge the U.S. government to use everything at its disposal to help clean up the Gulf and to rescue the animals.  Sea Shepherd needs funds for Operation Gulf Rescue.  We will be in the Gulf for as long as we are able, and we need help with equipping and fueling our ship, training our volunteer crews, making regular surveys of the affected areas by air, sea, and land, and we need to keep appropriate pressure on BP and all authorized agencies to accept our and other help from the public sector.  We can't do any of this without your continued help.

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