Operation Blue Rage: Patrolling the Gulf of Sidra

Day Eight of the Mediterranean Patrol

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010
Location: In the Gulf of Sidra, off the Coast of Libya

Report by Captain Paul Watson

The Sea Shepherd helicopter took off at dawn on a patrol as we move eastward through the Gulf of Sidra.

We are actually pleasantly surprised to see little evidence of illegal fishing. Perhaps the new regulations are having a desired effect, or perhaps the fish are just not here. Nonetheless, we will continue to search.

We have sent out three long-range helicopter reconnaissance missions today. We found one seiner towing two cage rings without nets. It appears the cage is being towed home unused.

The entire legal catch should be in holding pens off Malta, Tunisia, and Turkey or en route to those pens. Although there are fattening pens on the chart off the Libyan coast, it is unconfirmed if they are being used. It has been reported that the water is too warm for bluefin. We certainly have not seen any cages being towed towards the Libyan coast, just Tunisia and Malta.

Our searching has been extensive and will continue. We have had no contact from Libyan authorities.